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Send My Truck! (US & Territories)


I bought a Chonker Truck and I’m ready to get my cards!

If your truck isn’t full but you’re ready to receive your cards, add this item to your cart and check out. This will enter your package into our weekly shipping queue. Please note that once your order is in queue for shipping, your truck will be removed from the active trucks and sent to our shipping department. Any orders made after checking out for Send My Truck! will be placed in a new bag.

This option is for U.S. & Territories only. If you are an international customer, please use this link so you can select your shipping carrier.

IMPORTANT! If you have not already purchased a Chonker Truck, your cards will NOT be sent! If you need to buy a truck, please click here to go to the Chonker Truck shipping page.

Please read our Store Policies page for information on shipping times and Held Truck Policy.

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