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Chonker Truck Shipping


Is your bag fatfat and overflowing with shiny cardboard? Get yourself a Chonker Truck today!

How does Chonker Truck shipping work?

The “Chonker Truck” is an empty Elite Trainer Box (ETB) that can be used for card storage. When you buy a Chonker Truck, you prepay for the cost of shipping up front. We mail your cards to you in the ETB when it’s full, or when you request it to be sent by checking out with the Send My Truck! feature.

Base price for a Chonker Truck is $15 (U.S. & Territories, ships with USPS Priority Mail) and $60 (International, ships with your choice of USPS or UPS Expedited). The price may vary on your selection of ETB style.

Chonker Truck shipping is approximately 50oz (3.13lbs or 1.42kg). The ETB can hold approximately 100 top loaders or 600 cards. Remember you will be filling your ETB with a mix of these!

Please read our Store Policies page for information on shipping times and Held Truck Policy.

Weight 3.15 lbs
ETB Style:

Iron Leaves, Walking Wake, Champions Path, Shining Fates, Hidden Fates, Evolving Skies (Le/Um/Jo/Fl), Evolving Skies (Sy/Es/Gl/Va), Evolving Skies (B&B Stadium), Celebrations, Sword/Shield (Zamazenta), Brilliant Stars (B&B Stadium), Astral Radiance, Pokemon GO, Lost Origin, Sword/Shield (Zacian), Silver Tempest, Crown Zenith, Scarlet/Violet (Koraidon), Scarlet/Violet (Miraidon), Lost Origin (B&B Stadium), Silver Tempest (B&B Stadium), Fates Collide, Evolutions (Blastoise), Paldea Evolved, Paldea Evolved (B&B Stadium), Obsidian Flames, Dragon Majesty, Astral Radiance (B&B Stadium), Pokemon 151, Paradox Rift (Iron Valiant), Paradox Rift (Roaring Moon), MTG: Fate Reforged, MTG: Dragons of Tarkir, MTG: Khans of Tarkir, MTG: Yellow, Paldean Fates

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