Frequently Asked Questions

 Our definition of “Hit” cards include Full Art cards, EX, GX, V, VMax, Rainbow Rares, Gold Cards, etc. These are the more valuable cards cards in the world of Pokemon TCG Collecting. 

Bulk cards are the commons, uncommons, reverse commons, uncommons, non-holo rares, holo rares, reverse rares, trainers, energy and code cards. These cards have little to no value in collectibility and are only worth a few cents each.

Unfortunately we do not have the storage space for bulk boxes and do not offer them at this time. Sending bulk also makes your bags heavy, and that means it costs more to ship. 

Under our Buyer’s Guarantee, you will receive at minimum 1 card from each booster pack purchased, even if it is considered a bulk card.

A $3.00 service charge will be applied to shipping options for orders where the total is less than $15.00. To avoid this charge, please make sure your orders are at least $15.00 each time you check out.

No! We offer to hold your bag to save you money on shipping. You only need to pay for shipping once. Select the “hold my bag” option at checkout, and only pay for shipping when you’re ready to receive your cards. You can pay for shipping during your last pack purchase, or if you’re done buying packs but forgot to select a shipping option, choose the stand alone “Ship My Cards” item on the storefront. Please read our Store Policies page for information on shipping times and Held Bag/Held Truck Policies.

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