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Drew & Kristen - Our Mission

Our mission is to provide top quality card deliveries to card collectors worldwide. We strive to provide a fun, safe and welcoming environment that allows collectors to engage, share and trade with one another. Our products are guaranteed to be untampered booster packs, so customers never have to worry about the authenticity of their cards.

In an effort to reduce our company’s environmental impact, ThePokePair recycles all waste produced from shipments including cardboard, plastic inserts and tins. - Drew aka "LiKeBuTTeR"
Favorite Pokemon: Gengar
Least Favorite Pokemon: Klingklang

Drew has been an avid gamer, entertainer and content creator for over 15 years. He has a strong background in competitive gaming and looter shooters. His most notable contributions in the gaming industry involve the “Gears of War” franchise and Tom Clancy’s “The Division”. When the COVID-19 pandemic swept the nation in early 2020 and modern games started to feel stagnant, Drew began watching Pokemon breaks on YouTube. ThePokePair’s first Pokemon break was held on Twitch in August of 2020, featuring Sun & Moon Cosmic Eclipse packs.

Drew collected Pokemon cards as a kid and still has part of his original collection. His favorite card is Eevee “Munch The Scream” 287/SM-P.

Twitch Twitter / Instagram / TikTok - Kristen aka "girl poison"
Favorite Pokemon: Sprigatito & Dragonair
Least Favorite Pokemon: Probopass

Kristen has been a gamer her entire life, and has played almost every handheld Pokemon game to date! Although Kristen helps to manage the brick & mortar shop Two Pair Collectibles, she is just as dedicated to ThePokePair’s responsibilities and success. She prefers to work behind the scenes, and is in charge of maintaining the website, adding new products and inventory management. Her favorite card is Umbreon 13/75 from Neo Discovery.

Twitch / Twitter - Dani aka "Stutterrs"

Favorite Pokemon: Mimikyu
Least Favorite Pokemon: Flapple

Dani was born and raised in California, and moved to Maryland to work at Two Pair Collectibles in 2021. She enjoys playing all of the trading card games, but the Pokemon TCG is her favorite. She has one fur child, a fat fat cat named Aster, who weighs a whopping 17 pounds. Dani is almost never seen without wearing her classic black beanie.

As fate would have it, Dani met the love of her life through Megan and Drew’s stream chat. Stacy has since moved to Maryland, also working as a part time streamer for ThePokePair, and the two are happily engaged!

In addition to breaking, Dani is also the primary shipper for ThePokePair. She is responsible for getting your cards to you safely, and packages each order with extra care so they are not damaged during shipping.

Twitter - Dani aka "Stutterrs" - Stacy aka "stacy5590" - Stacy aka "stacy5590"
Favorite Pokemon: Lapras
Least Favorite Pokemon: Spidops

Stacy grew up in Texas and moved to Maryland in December 2023 to be with the love of my life, Dani. She is new to streaming, breaking and trading card games in general, but that doesn’t slow her down one bit! She LOVES all things Pokemon, from watching the show, to playing the games, and opening ALL the packs. Stacy is obsessed with dolphins, whales, and all marine mammals, which is why Lapras is her favorite Pokemon!

Stacy has been watching Drew on Twitch for nearly 9 years, especially during his The Division days. She is super excited to be streaming for ThePokePair and the community!

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