Fire Hands Friday Bundle


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All packs will be opened live at

One Fire Hands Friday Bundle includes: 

– 1 Shining Fates
– 1 Rebel Clash
– 1 Silver Tempest
– 2 Fusion Strike

Customers who pull a fire type Vmax or Full Art V Pokemon (including Rainbow Rares and Alternate Arts) will receive a Lost Origin pack to be opened on stream for FREE! Customers who pull the gold Fire Energy from Fusion Strike will receive
FIVE Lost Origin packs to be opened on stream for FREE!

Buyer’s Guarantee

The purchase of this product is covered by our Buyer’s Guarantee. ThePokePair LLC guarantees that the buyer will receive at minimum one card per booster pack purchased. The buyer will receive all defined “Hits” from the booster pack. If the booster pack does not have any hits, the buyer will receive the card in the RARE SLOT of the booster pack, regardless of the card’s rarity.

Customer’s will have the option to forfeit the Buyer’s Guarantee at checkout if they want “Hit” cards only. See our Store Policies page for more information.


Cards will be held by default until shipping is requested and paid for by the buyer. We offer to hold your bag to save you money on shipping! When you’re ready to have your cards sent, go to the “Ship My Cards” item on the store front. Select your shipping method and check out to be entered into the shipping queue.

Service Charge

There will be a $3 service charge for orders under $15.

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